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Heart - Warming Tales consists of six unusual and enjoyable short stories of Romance.
In The Caregiver, Lena is torn between two men who love her. Lena has to make a choice.
Whom will she marry and what will be the outcome?
Is Love Enough?
Her Online Predator teaches a valuable lesson. Be careful with whom you make friends on the internet.
That person may not be the one he or she claims to be.
Jean Brown learned that lesson when she almost became a victim of human trafficking.
A Marriage on the Rocks is about a young couple who had serious problems in their marriage.
The wife left the marital home to find a more exciting way of life.
Dead Business is about a newly married wife who doubted her husband.
She was determined to find out the truth about him.
In The Psychiatrist and the Thief, the ex-lover of the psychiatrist’s secretary pretends to be a patient of his, and a series of blunders occur.
In No Wedding Bells for Amy, Amy is rejected by a married man and she goes after his son.
Death and destruction follow Amy.
“Heart Warming Tales” is a collection of short stories, unified by the same theme - love. The mood of each is different: some wistful and sad, some uplifting and inspirational, but each is unique in its own way. Stories of sacrifice, betrayal, deception, hope, and forgiveness are brought to life through a kaleidoscope of characters who only try to find their true love (or struggle not to lose it). Such subject matters as human trafficking, one’s spouse’s failing health, domestic abuse and many more are also revealed through the protagonists’ eyes, which will certainly find a response from many readers. Well-written and easy to read, these stories will definitely warm many hearts. Five stars.'

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