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Books For Fans of Chris Kuzneski

Are you looking for similar authors to Chris Kuzneski?

Books with any elements of conspiracy, action-adventure and a historical mystery twist will hook book fans of Chris Kuzneski. The list of similar books below is both similar in genre and for fans who like Chris Kuzneski's books.

T.S Learner

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tslearner
Website: http://www.tslearner.co.uk/
T.S. Learner takes an interesting approach to her writing.  Instead of describing herself on her website in an about me page, she uses a philosophy page.  She talks about how she believes it's her job to entertain, illuminate, and take the reader on an adventure.  She also believes that all of her books should be well researched to give her readers the best experience possible.

Scott Mariani

Website: http://www.scottmariani.com/
Scott Mariani writes works of historical fiction that all mesh into a series about Ben Hope, a former SAS special forces operator.  His writing has a big emphasis on both action and adventure.  His writing can be found around the world in over 20 different languages and has been compared to major thriller/spy series such as James Bond and Jason Bourne. 

Allison Maruska

Twitter: https://twitter.com/allisonmaruska
Website: http://allisonmaruska.com/
Branding herself as an author of mystery, suspense, and young adult materials Allison Maruska has three books to her name with more to come.  She is active on bother her website comments section and her Twitter account.  Magic, adventure, and mystery make her stories come alive in the reader’s mind.

Andy McDermott

Website: http://www.andy-mcdermott.com/
Andy McDermott is a British thriller author and former magazine editor, film critic, and journalist. He is best known for his Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase novels. The Hunt for Atlantis is his explosive debut novel, taking adventure thrillers to a brand new level of action and excitement.

Boyd Morrison

Twitter: http://twitter.com/boydmorrison
Website: http://boydmorrison.com/
Boyd Morrison is the writer of over five books that deal with codes, conspiracies, and mysteries.  Everything from Lochness to Roswell is mentioned in his books.  Boyd has worked with famed author Clive Cussler on two books.  He started life as an engineer with dreams of becoming a writer.  Now he is a writer, gamer, and Jeopardy winner.

Paula Wynne

Twitter: http://twitter.com/paulawynne
Website: https://paulawynne.com/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/author/paulawynne

Paula Wynne's The Grotto's Secret is the award-winning fast-paced thriller. Described by readers as a 'must' for fans of Dan Brown and Kate Mosse, it is the first in The Torcal Trilogy that weaves together vivid historical settings with and modern global stories.

Paula is currently writing more conspiracy thrillers with historical mystery twists. She brings her love for thrillers and history, along with the beauty of European countries into her books.

If you love the historical thriller genre, sign up to Paula Wynne's Conspiracy Mystery Thriller Readers mailing list to hear about more books in this genre. Or subscribe to Book Luver's genre lists to find out when similar books will be published.

Grab free chapters of The Grotto's Secret here!

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