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For Book Fans of Conspiracy Thrillers

There's lots of books that will hook readers of conspiracy twists. Try these similar books which are ideal for fans of conspiracy twists.

The Lundwig Conspiracy By Oliver Potzsch

Ludwig II of Bavaria was nicknamed the Fairy-tale king and rightfully so. He ordered the creation of three eccentric castles that are beautiful but hold a host of potentially deadly secrets. In The Ludwig Conspiracy a diary from one of Ludwig’s confidants winds up in the hands of Steven Lukas, a modern-day dealer of rare books.  The diary leads him to team up with art detective Sara Lengfeld in an investigation of Ludwig’s castles.  Can he figure out the secret of the diary before it potentially gets him killed?

Read The Ludwig Conspiracy


The Lincoln Conspiracy By Timothy L. O’Brien

The Lincoln assassination has been the hotbed for many conspiracies. In The Lincoln Conspiracy a question is posed as to what if the plot to kill one of America’s most legendary presidents was more than we have ever imagined?  Detective Temple McFadden finds two diaries strapped to the body of a dead man and inside them he discovers more about the recent assassination of President Lincoln than he ever asked for. Can he bring the criminals to justice before they kill him? Find out by reading this gripping historical thriller filled with absorbing history.

Read The Lincoln Conspiracy: A Novel


The DaVinci Code By Dan Brown

No historical thriller with a conspiracy twist list would be complete without mentioning The DaVinci Code.  In this book turned movie, an ancient society fights to keep its secrets after a murder of the society’s secret agent.  Together Sophie Neveu and Robert Langdon fight to uncover a mystery that has been hidden for ages. Through France and England the two travel history to find a retelling of Western history that is more expanded than you ever thought.

Read The Da Vinci Code: (Robert Langdon Book 2)


The Grotto's Secret

In 1492 a medieval maiden has written a journal of her mother's herbs and includes their secret herb which has shown incredible healing powers. She tries to sell the journal without her mother's consent and suddenly men from the Spanish Inquisition are burning down her home with her mother inside. The maiden fights the men and then flees for her life.

In the modern era, the book is found in a ruin on a rural spanish nature reserve and taken to a TV show host who is asked to help protect the book and its contents. When she asks why her she is shocked to find out that her brother's accident five years was actually a murder - because he knew about this healing herb. Now, she has to find out more and find the conspiracy who killed her brother and stop them from killing more people to get their pharma hands on the herb.

Fans of The Grotto's Secret have said in reviews that this historical conspiracy thriller is for fans of Kate Mosse and Dan Brown!

The Grotto's Secret won The People's Book Prize and is available on Amazon here.

Grab free chapters of The Grotto's Secret here!



Night Fall By Nelson DeMille

This mysterious tragedy thriller from recent history revolves around the true explosion of TWA Flight 800. Two high level counter terror agents investigate the deadly explosion of the plane but find out that they are in for more than they bargained for.  As they investigate the explosion they find that a mechanical accident might not have been the explosion of the explosion, and someone is covering it up.  It just might all come down to a video of a couple having sex on the beach just before the explosion.

Read Night Fall: Number 3 in series (John Corey)


American Tabloid: Underworld USA By James Ellroy

This American historical crime thriller takes place in the late 1950s and illuminates a web of conspiracy between federal agencies, politicians, and more. American Tabloid explores what really powered many of the various actions of the age.  Hit jobs, back room deals, corruption, and more all lead up to the murder of a president.

Read American Tabloid


Holy Blood, Holy Grail By Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln

This historical thriller is a real controversial book that challenges many people’s beliefs. In Holy Blood, Holy Grail the Knights Templar and other historic religious organizations fight for power in the government but it goes deeper than that. They propose the idea that Jesus did not die on the cross and that his bloodline still exists.  In the eyes of these secret societies Jesus’s bloodline should be the ones to rule the world.  The story benefits from the authors’ own research and hunt for the Holy Grail.

Read The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail

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