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Lara is a reaper, locked out of Heaven, and the worst part is she doesn’t even know why. She’s not even sure if she’s still an angel anymore. On the bright side, she can still see the dead which makes her think that she hasn’t been fired. However, with each passing year, she realizes she’s been naive to think Heaven would make a mistake of this magnitude.

Lara finally starts thinking about accepting her situation and making plans for the long term. Then she witnesses a young woman die in a car accident. It’s one thing to arrive after the fact to retrieve a soul, it’s another to actually see someone killed in person. Since Lara is the only one who can see the dead, she feels compelled to console the woman. But something is wrong. Since when are reapers late to pick up souls?

Convinced that her eternal soul may be at stake, Lara is pulled back into the life. She’s died once already. Now, flesh and blood, she’s worried about what will become of her if this new vessel is mortally wounded. Will she gain access to Heaven again, or will she plummet into a fiery Hell?

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