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An excellent translation of what I would recommend to a first time Nietzsche reader. The book is organized into aphorisms by Nietzsche, in sections that cover his main ideas and develop them. A great read to dispell the myth that Nietzsche is a nihilist. Nietzsche's sentences can grow a bit long and difficult to follow, but overall an easy read for those new to existentialism, or new to philosophy in general. Kaufmann also includes translation notes to further increase comprehension of what Nietzsche means to communicate.

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I read this a while ago on my Kindle, got through half of it and thought it was amazing before realizing it was by Nietzsche. Definitely recommend to anyone who's a philosophy novice (like me)!
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I recall that I had struggled with Thus Spoke Zarathustra, but this here, Beyond Good and Evil is something different, something beyond. I always wanted to read from the Author to not be misguided by what is said about the author especially key thinkers like Nietzsche who is frequently quoted and judged about his work and influence on the modern world. I always had a dark, strident, and gloomy view of his philosophy.
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