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Book Luver 2021 Summer Kindle Fire Giveaway

Check out these book summer kindle downloads from Book Luver authors who would love for you to read their stories and review them on Amazon or other book stores.

Strange Curse and Blood

Fantasy: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/mfzxs0lcjc


Box Set Best Health&Fitness Books

Non Fiction: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/vhe2qdobh5


Romantic Dystopian

Sci-Fi, Dystopian and Futuristic:  https://claims.prolificworks.com/free/gRc8tyYV


Goodbye, Orchid

Womens: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/sdw0qzrf7q


A Dream Come True

Fantasy: https://www.subscribepage.com/chariss_walker_facebook


The Arrest

Thriller-Suspense-Crime: christertholin.one/free


The Forgotten Ones

Paranormal: https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/00bbc0aa-67e4-11ea-83e3-77d0598ef2ec


Den of Snakes

Thriller-Suspense-Crime: https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/70c3d43e-79d4-11eb-8929-0360d1770679


The First Encounter

Thriller-Suspense-Crime: https://storyoriginapp.com/directdownloads/47d3a88d-1e87-4297-8d7b-88b9f...


How to Buy a Planet

Sci-Fi, Dystopian and Futuristic: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/gz8n0qqyoh


FarSight: Blind Fury

Fantasy: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/iohnm1ab5y


Og-Grim-Dog: The Three-Headed Ogre

Fantasy: https://buy.bookfunnel.com/p0wypkrn51


Monet & Oscar: The Essence of Light

Historical Fiction: https://www.givernybooks.com/promo-page


Loyalty's Web

Romance-Historical, Sweet, Western: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/6l4p8enxt4


His Curvy Prize

Romance-Hot, Erotica: https://BookHip.com/NAFAFQX


Trial of the Red Rune

Fantasy: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/bydvqqxyts


Eat to Prevent and Control Disease

Non Fiction: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/uboancol2k


A Drop of Magic

Paranormal: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/npgchblups


One Step Back: A Titus Ray

Thriller-Suspense-Crime: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/f8ccu21wtc


Vision of the Heart

Womens: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/v047lyfv6f


Mack: The Alpha's Mate

Paranormal: https://books2read.com/u/mgGW10


Cry Mercy, Cry Love

Womens: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/1eqxgf2g42



Paranormal: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/2ibsb7xlnb


Take Charge: Tips From THE Interviewer

Non Fiction: https://BookHip.com/PLJNKCJ


Temperance and the Montgomery

Paranormal: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/k4vhtb42xa

Strange Curse and Blood
Humour: https://gumroad.com/l/iliqj

Kingdom of Embers
Fantasy: https://BookHip.com/JTVZRH


Fowl Murder
Cozy Mystery: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/xc0gzuafm7 

Merchants and Maji
Sci-Fi, Dystopian and Futuristic: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/bkwlug3eb5 

Find Shay
Romance-Hot, Erotica: https://BookHip.com/NWTBBFV



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