Register Your Interest In Our Book Review Club

Register Your Interest In Our Book Review Club

Authors, would you like to get more reviews for your books?

Book Luver will soon launch a Book Review Club where we will promote your books to our 75K reader base and ask them to download ARC copies and review copies of your book in exchange for a review. We have an avid reader base who love getting ARC copies to review books.

Early in 2020 we will launch our new Book Review Club where we will bring ARC copies and review requests to our subscribers. They are avid readers and enjoy the privilege of getting new books in exchange for posting a review.

How Our Review Club Will Work

  • The Review Club will be an 'insider' club, so we can track any downloads
  • Therefore, we know who has read your book to encourage them to review it
  • All and any books can be added to the club so our readers have a wide variety of books to read and review

Exclusive Review Club Launch

Our Review Club will only be open for 1 week from 1 January 2020 and will only be open to authors on a quarterly basis.

All details will be made available soon, so in the meantime diarize the date of 1 January for the launch. If you would like to be one of the first authors to know the details, register your interest now.

Welcome to our Book Review Club

Readers are welcome to read any of these books in exchange for a short review. Please log in to download your chosen review copies.

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