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Newsletter Booking Form

Newsletter Booking Form

We are confident our newsletter will generate clicks and interest in your book.


Book Luver offers book marketing services for authors and writers. For example, you can promote your book in our newsletters for:

  • Request reviewers to read your books and give you a review
  • Promote a giveaway
  • Showcase your reader magnet or sample chapters
  • Tell our 75K readers about pre-orders for your next novel.

They're dead keen to hear about new books!


Recent Results

Our open rates are between 25 and 46% and our click rates are between 3 and 13% based on the covers, descriptions and pricing. On average, books in our newsletters get around 430 clicks.

We generate the clicks and thereafter, your book stands on its own two feet. Thus, it is vitally important the book cover, description, price and sample pages all have to meet the reader's expectations to get sales or downloads. If you're just as confident about your book cover, book description and viewing sample that Amazon and bookshops show to readers, then you may want to consider being featured in our newsletters.

Some recent results sent to our core avid readers (not our full list) received:

The Cup: Historical Fiction free book - 150 clicks
Flying Without Wings: Historical Fiction pre-order - 250 pre-orders
Freebies: Our Freebies page gets on average 530 clicks
The First Time I Died: Psychic Suspense - 930 clicks


Newsletter Options

When booking, you can select any extra options.

1. One book featured in one newsletter
2. Two books featured in one newsletter (Possibly feature a paid book and a free book)
3. Add a Book Trailer link (Also see our Book Trailer Packages)
4. Follow Links - include your Facebook, Twitter and Website links to encourage readers to follow you
5. Click marketing - we will send another email to everyone who clicked your link with another offer, either another book to show them or sample chapters or a free book
6. If you have paid for a featured author slot, please include an image of you with your books. It must be a high resolution, high-quality image or it will be rejected.

An example of a click marketing message could be along these lines:

Hi (we will add the greeting and name)
You recently clicked on [Author name or book title] and we see that you are interested in [genre]. If you would like to browse more books by [Author name] you are welcome to download [sample chapters / free book /another book title] here: Link.

To book a Newsletter Feature, please make a payment, then enter your details below to get your book featured in a future newsletter.

Universal Links

Please always try and give us UNIVERSAL links, as our readers are worldwide, and it is best that your book link takes them to their country's Amazon or book store. If you don't provide a UNIVERSAL link, you may lose some readers who may not find your book when Amazon diverts them. You can get a UNIVERSAL link through BookLinker


Prices & Payment


Step 1 - Please make your payment by clicking the PAY HERE BUTTON below 1ST

Step 2 - Then come back to this page and add the PayPal Transaction ID to the booking form below, plus finish filling out the form.


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Give 2 options by month, ie January, March.
If you have opted to be a featured author, give 2 paragraphs of text here, plus a link to an image of you.
If you chose this option please add your message.
If you have taken a 2 book insertion package, please add the second book's details here.
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