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Freebies Package Booking Form

Freebies - Get New Readers By Uploading Your Book Free To Book Luver

Free chapters or a free Reader Magnet book is a great way to build a mailing list plus for introducing readers to your writing. You give away a small token of your writing and ask the reader to sign up to get the free download link. They read your free chapters or free book, like it and then buy other books in your backlist.

WHAM! You've hit 2 birds with 1 stone. You have a new reader who likes your books, plus they are now on your mailing list to hear about future books.

Book Luver's second most visited page is our Freebies page so we are now offering authors the chance to feature their book on this page by offering a free book or free chapters via a download link listed on the book.

I don't have a freebie Reader Magnet book, but I have built my readers subscriber list rapidly by offering sample chapters of all my books and new readers sign up to get the sample chapters.


Your Book On Book Luver

Please add your free book to Book Luver and then provide the link below, so we can connect that book's page to our Freebies page. Please note: this is not a link to your author profile, this is the direct link where your book is featured on the site. Once you have added your book (see our help guidelines below), click on the book to ensure everything is correct and that the Freebie download link works, then add the link in the form below.


How It Works

You can use book funnel as your link when you add the book, but this must be on your Book Luver page. For example, look at the freebies page and my book The Grotto's Secret has sample chapters and that then leads off to my book funnel capture page. So the process would be:

1. Add your book to Book Luver ~ check the help link below
2. Here is some help for adding your book to Book Luver.
3. On your Book Luver page you can include a download link where the reader can get your book.
4. Add your BOOK LUVER book link below and I will connect that link to the Freebies page. This must be a Book Luver link as we cannot connect outside pages to our Freebies page.
5. Readers see your book on that page and download it.
6. Please note that I cannot link any outside links to the Freebies page as it must be an 'internal link' in order to be connected. 


Prices & Payment


Step 1 - Please make your payment by clicking the PAY HERE BUTTON below 1ST


Step 2 - Then come back to this page and add the PayPal Transaction ID to the booking form below, plus finish filling out the form.


Book Luver Pay For Our Services Now

Only add this if it is different to your name above.
If you have opted for a 1 week or 1 month page priority or you have selected the featured Freebie package, provide several options for dates here. We will confirm after we receive your booking.
By checking this box, you agree that you have provided all the information for our Freebies package.

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