Book Marketing Special Offers

Here is a list of our lastest author book marketing offers.

Pre-Christmas Book Trailer Offer

As a special Pre-Christmas offer, anyone booking our Full Book Design and Video Package will receive a free place worth £85 on any one of our Advertising Promotions.

Any booking for a Premium Book Trailer Package will receive a free Featured Free Book Package worth £55. These offers expire on 15 November 2019 so hurry and make your booking, even if you will only be ready with your Book Trailer details later in the year.

More details here:

Christmas Advertising Promotion Offer

As a special Pre-Christmas offer, anyone joining our Christmas Advertising Promotion will receive a free Featured Freebies Package worth £55.

This is how we built our 75K mailing list so if you want to build your reader list fast, find out more about our Advertising Promotions:

Freebies Upgrade Offer

Free chapters or a free Reader Magnet book is a great way to build a mailing list plus for introducing readers to your writing. You give away a small token of your writing and ask the reader to sign up to get the free download link. They read your free chapters or free book, like it and then buy other books in your back list.

You've hit 2 birds with 1 stone. You have a new reader who likes your books plus they are now on your mailing list to hear about future books.

The first 5 authors to sign for a Freebies Package will receive an upgrade to the Featured Freebies Package.

More details here:

Book Marketing Offers By Email

Each week we offer our subscriber authors offers on our different book marketing packages. If you would like to be notified, be sure to sign up to our mailing list for authors.

And don't forget you can add your books to Book Luver at no cost!


Driving Book Sales



November Authors Newsletter

We're excited to be sharing our first Sales Drive Test with you. The books have been selected for this weekend's test drive and we're keen to see how the books sell! Here is how it looks:

If you'd like to be selected to test your book at no cost to you find out the details here:

List Your Freebies Reader Magnet

As you can see below, we are featuring a link to our Freebies page, so if you'd like your reader magnet included, jump aboard. But hurry, our Sales Drive goes out on Friday evening and over the weekend.

BONUS: The first 5 authors responding to this email and booking a Freebies Package will receive an upgrade to the Featured Freebies Package. Details here:

Book Marketing Special Offers

More special offers here:

Our Book Trailer Package expires this weekend so if you need a Book Trailer in the next year, grab this special offer with added bonuses.

Feature Your Book Trailer

Aso included in our Sales Drives is our Book Trailers section. If you have a Book Trailer and would like to get your Book Trailer listed before this email goes out, check the details here:

Grow Your Mailing List

Any authors signing up to one of our mailing list builder Advertising Promotions from this email can claim a Freebies Package. Drop me a line after your booking and I will include your reader magnet on our Freebies page at no extra charge. Avatar and Titanic are proving to be popular, plus we have promotions in most genres.

Find out more:

Book Review Club

In late December we will launch our new Book Review Club where we will bring ARC copies and review requests to our subscribers. They are avid readers and enjoy the privilege of getting new books in exchange for posting a review.

The Review Club will be an 'insider' club so we can track any downloads and therefore know who has read your book to encourage them to review it. It will only be open for 1 week and will only be open to authors quartely. All and any books can be added to the club so our readers have a wide variety of books to read and review. All details will be made available soon, so in the meantime diarise the date of 1 January for the launch.

If you would like to be one of the first authors to know the details, register your interest now:

Welcome to our Book Review Club

Readers are welcome to read any of these books in exchange for a short review. Please log in to download your chosen review copies.

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