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Book Luver is for readers to share their favourite books. Authors are welcome to add your book with a proper book description and ask your readers to come along and comment on the book. Books with more than five constructive and creative comments will be featured on our popular page. Books receiving the most views and constructive comments will be featured on our home page.


If you would like to give away a book or any of the books in the article, please complete the details below and we will promote that to our genre readers of your chosen article genre. Please include details of how many giveaways you can give.

  • Giveaways will be advertised with the article in our newsletters to our 72.5k readers list.
  • 25 or more books will receive their own page.
  • Giveaways can be either paperbacks or eBooks.
  • You will receive the winner (s) details and send their books directly.


  • We will promote your giveaway on Book Luver.
  • You do an exchange and share our giveaways in your newsletter at the top of your newsletter.
  • We feature it in our newsletter to our 72.5K readers the same month you choose to share it in your newsletter.
  • Each month we share the link so we are constantly sending readers to the links.
  • The giveaway will be removed when it closes and winners are chosen.
  • The entrant can sign up to hear more about your books and giveaways, we will only provide you with the entrants who have OPTED IN to this.

    By entering you will be have to agree to this: By checking this box I agree to share the promotion link with my newsletter subscribers.

Entry Form Details

  • The Amazon link below will enable us to get the image of your book and description.
  • You can enter your Reader Magnet book, but we still need an Amazon link to get the image.
  • The number of books you giveaway = if you donate 20 eBooks you get 20 winners name. If you donate 200 eBooks, you get 200 winners names. However, if your book only receives 50 entrants, you get all those 50 entrants.
  • The number of subscribers is how many readers you have on your mailing list.
  • The mailing list sign up link is for us to sign up to your list to prove you are sending the promotion link to your list. Please do not give us a link and then tell us later that you changed the link and forgot to inform us. The term in point 3 above will still stand. The fairest way for all authors to benefit in a cross promotion is for everyone to share the link.
  • The number of subscribers is how many readers you have on your mailing list.
  • Please provide the date for when you will promote our givewaways to your newsletter subscribers - we will run your giveaway the same month.
By checking this box, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Data Use Policy, including our Cookie Use, and to share the promotional link with my newsletter subscribers.
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