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Similar Books Promotion

Similar Books Promotion By Book Luver

Readers love to find similar books in the genre and themes, and even similar types of heroes or heroines.

We will create a post according to the information you provide below, which will stay on our site permanently, i.e. lifetime inclusion. Once complete with a graphic design image, we will send you a page proof for you to approve before we make the page public.

When ready, your post will appear in our Book Fans section.


Prices & Payment


Step 1 - Please make your payment by clicking the PAY HERE BUTTON below 1ST


Step 2 - Then come back to this page and add the PayPal Transaction ID to the booking form below, plus finish filling out the form.


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Only add this if it is different to your name above.
Choose between book title or author for us to create the post of similar books.
This bio will be included in your post so be sure it sparkles with excitement and is relevant to the similar books you have chosen for your post.
Add your book's description or any text about the type of books you write and why for us to include in the post.
Similar authors or similar books list. * Add three to five choices of other book titles for us to create a post of similar books to yours based on these books. * Or add three to five choices of author names for us to create a post of similar books to yours by the stories these authors write.
By checking this box, you agree that you have provided all the information for our Freebies package.
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