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New Books Pre-order Promotion Booking Form

New Books Pre-order Promotion for authors

Book Luver's readers are avid readers and always on the look-out for new books to read. We have helped many authors to get pre-orders for their books. A recent Historical Fiction pre-order received 250 pre-orders. Some genres are stronger than others. We promote your pre-order to all readers on our 75K mailing list.

To book a pre-order promotion, please enter your details below to get your book featured in a future newsletter.


Please make your payment on this page link and then come back here and add the PayPal Transaction ID to the booking form below.

Give 2 options by month, ie January, March.
If you chose this option please add your message.
Anything special you would like to mention? For example, if the book is priced at a special book launch price.
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