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I'm a late bloomer, as far as writers go. I've always loved writing, but life always seemed to get in the way. I've worked in a wide variety of positions; from factory work, sales, small business, driving, even a few years as a pro musician and a stint as a full-time carer. (My former wife was disabled) Always, though, the urge to write was there. Even if the confidence to actually commit myself wasn't. Since retiring from full-time work, I've finally taken the plunge and now actually call myself a WRITER! As of December 2020 my debut novel GOLD! The Kincaid Saga, Book 1, is available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback. Time to start serious work on Book 2. (As yet unnamed)

The Kincaid Saga. Book Series.

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The Kincaid Saga follows the adventures and misadventures of various members of the Kincaid family. In Book 1, GOLD!, we meet Malcolm Kincaid as he and his brother, Jamie, establish a gold mining operation in Western Australia, circa 1975. *The Kincaid saga series contains coarse language, explicit sex, and drug use.

A Family Saga with twists, and a villain you will love to hate.

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