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Nigerian sweetheart who started reading books at age 3 and grew with an unquenchable thirst for thriller novels. A good way to relax on weekends is a cold glass of juice, snack and a John Grisham.

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These are the best ever books I have read

As you take a stroll down the road, there is a fight between Angels and satanic agents over you. The Angels are watching over you, and preventing the next unforeseen from happening to you.

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soughtout This book has had a serious effect on my personal life. It gets me very conscious and I feel so safe with the knowing that someone is keeping watch over me. Who else shares my experience?
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Pina Colada Is this fantasy?

I read this one when I was 15. My Best Thriller ever. It was so good I read it 4 times. Someone borrowed it and I lost it. I need to get it back to my library.

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soughtout 6 days of great thrilling suspense. I saw myself in the story.
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Paula Wynne I've read lots of Jeffrey Archer but not this one. Will add it to my wish list :)

Things fall apart, and the center cannot hold. The Falcon cannot hear the falconer. Chinua Achebe's Okonkwo is a hero in this African best literary work of art

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soughtout If you've read this one, raise your hand up
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somaginer1996 Half our class read this for English class in high school, and they said it was amazing. I really need to get around to reading all these novels :(
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