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Hey there! I'm just a (bilingual) reader who loves the best that literature's got to offer. Some genres I enjoy are: science fiction, literary fiction, poetry, fantasy, and anything with a tragic or poignant ending. (What can I say, it's just so much more cathartic :P) I hope we'll all be able to share our love for literature with each other over Book Luver :)

My favorite books

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Some of my favorite books, from all genres and time periods. Hope this is helpful to everyone else too :)

A tale of courtly intrigue, romance, and political games, into which the titular Princess finds herself swept up.

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somaginer1996 Has anyone else read this? What do you guys think?

A collection of poetry from Dorothy Parker.

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The Sandman's (otherwise known as Dream) adventures in all of time and space, and even some times and places outside of that.

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Pina Colada I'm a bit funny about trying new authors and new genres but this sounds like a good read. I'm adding it to my wish list to remind me to download a sample chapter to see if it grabs me.

A short story collection about the childhood of a single character, Del Jordan, as she is growing up in a small Canadian town.

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The Martian Chronicles tells the tale of humans in the distant future (of 2030; the collection was written in 1950), and how they flee Earth, which is falling into chaos and conflict, for Mars, set

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somaginer1996 I enjoyed it, anyway :)
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