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I read this book through the night as I couldn't put it down. Simon Toyne has short chapters for fast reading and gripped me from the first few pages.

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Grace Hawk I also loved this book and looked forward to reading the next two. Although, I was disappointed by the 3rd one the story sagged a bit for me. It seemed to be a big gush at the beginning and then...
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LilianDebrah I haven't read this one yet but I'll be adding it to my list of To-read-books as soon as I'm done with the books I've scheduled to read this July
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soughtout Is there a button where I can add a book to a wishlist or something? I cant find one. I definitely want this book
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Paula Wynne You can create a new board and called it your wish list. Click 'Repin' to add any books you want to read in future on there and that will remind you to get them :)

Another great cover for a fast paced thriller.

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I love Scott Mariani's books and this cover is one of my best, along with his first book, The Alchemist's Secret.

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Grace Hawk Going to add this one to my reading list ...
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Ken Sheridan I am looking forward to reading more of Ben Hope. Haven't read him in a while. Been stuck into Lee Child and David Baldacci.
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chale1919 I have to say the title is a bit off-putting - but if the reviews are good, I might check this one out.
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LilianDebrah I've read the Alchemist's Secret but I haven't read this one though

Haven't read this one yet but it looks so scary, I have to read it and frighten myself!

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