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USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Having written her first paranormal fantasy book at the age of forty-three, Margaret Daly has started a wonderful trilogy. Margaret took her life's encounters and crossed a bridge to a different world with them, a world filled with untamed power and endless possibilities. Being raised in the hills of West Sparta, New York, Margaret lost her home and everything in it to fire at a young age. She dove into the dark world as a teenager and from there on spent most of her life wrapped up in unfortunate situations from bad choices. Margaret learned some things aren't what you expect; some things end up being more. Now, with her loving husband and four children, a family full of support and love, she has managed to overcome all the oddities thrown at her. Becoming a published author she once dreamed of being as a child but lost track of during this journey we call life. Margaret owns and runs her own online marketing and design business, she works with several best selling and award winning authors while promoting their work and still, loves to read and write her own stories!

Dusgadh: Essence of Life

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"Daly, who has experienced tragedy in her own life, sets the scene for Ember, a girl in middle school who experiences the disturbance of having her family taken from her. She is left with her sister and just seems to amble along in life until she attends a party as a young adult. It is a party that will change her life forever. After a séance is held in a park, catapulting Ember into a world of paranormal shocks, she realizes that she has a natural gift that brings connections to a previous life. The book is action packed and will keep the reader engrossed to the end, definitely wanting more from the next series of books. As you read through this book you realize that it will be the first of many to come. Many characters are mentioned in it briefly that will be fleshed out in sequel books in relation to Ember's life. The book is suitable for older teenagers, young adults and adults. So I would without a doubt recommend this book if you're a fan of the mysterious and spooky mixed with adventure." Review by Nick Bishop

The coldness starts in... It's not just any coldness. It's the kind that takes my breath away. It makes my body hairs stand at attention as the goose pimples form on my skin.

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