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Author of 14-part series, "A Life Singular", Lorraine was born in London, UK, and has lived and worked in various parts of the world. She currently resides in Queensland, Australia, with her elderly rescued Belgian Shepherd, Nikki. Suffering from chronic clinical depression since childhood, and later ending up with compound PTSD from some challenging life experiences, Lorraine's writing began as therapy to help her make sense of her lot. In 2008, after many people suggested she write her autobiography, she decided to get serious about publishing her life's work. Now working with Shawline Publishing Group in Melbourne, Australia, she is re-launching the series in 14 parts.

A Life Singular (A Life Singular, Book 1)

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First in a 7-part novel series, "A Life Singular" starts the journey into the spectacular and complex world of celebrity.


A novel in 7 parts, serialised as e-books and paperbacks, "A Life Singular" tells the story of a successful celebrity writing his autobiography.

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