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Lilly Rayman

I'm a wife, mother and independent author. I live in paradise with my family on a block of land in country New South Wales, Australia. We breed cattle, sheep and horses. Many of our horses can be found in my books. When I'm not writing, I'm reading. I love Anne MacCaffery's Dragonmen of Pern series. Many times in my youth I would escape reality to fly the skies of Pern on dragonback. I used to write in my youth but started writing again when my eldest daughter was born in 2012. My first novel, An Unexpected Bonding won Best Work and Most Popular Work in the 2014 iParchment writing rally. It hadn't even been edited at that stage, so I felt encouraged to get it edited and then to publish. My mind is flooded with stories, and when I can, I write; furiously to bring you my stories.

The Unexpected Series

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For centuries there has been hatred, bloodshed and killing between the vampire and wolf nations. But now is the time for peace, and this series takes readers on the journey of how that hatred and prejudices are overcome.

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