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Hi....I'm Donna and I just love books!

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I just love these characters, their strengths and weaknesses, the fact that they have to all come together to grow stronger.

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I'm delighted I was wrong about the killer! A hypothesisI had at some point in this book was right and I shall not say what was it about cause I don't wanna spoil it but the killer... I was wrong!

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This really was a beautiful and amazing journey. I felt myself with Pi and the Tiger at sea, I'm so pleased to have read it.

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somaginer1996 I've watched the movie but never read the book. I need to stop doing that and start reading the book beforehand so I don't get robbed of the experience beforehand.

I really loved this book.

I can't help but wonder how Harlan Coben ended up with these sophisticated story lines with all the twists and the final reveal...always a awesome one.

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