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Chris is an extra-dimensional Other manifesting as a short male human being. He writes comedic stories from his home realm. The humans continue to classify them as 'weird horror' or 'strange sci-fi' fiction. He tries not to take offense. He has unfortunately had to reveal himself to a select few, who figured out the secret truth buried in his written works. Or maybe he will soon. You humans have a bizarre understanding of time. As his work is fracturally out of scope with most writings on this planet, he bills himself as "The Wrong Writer." Wrongness, after all, is much broader and more colorful. Only one way to be right...so many ways to be wrong. Especially with this medium you call the written word. Since he must earn financial assets while residing in this dimension, he works as a content writer & manager. Finding the right words for business use is easy, after all... Perhaps you too enjoy Wrongness? Stories that make you laugh, shake your head, eye-twitch, weep for humanity, throw the Kindle device across the room, or wonder what's wrong with the author? (He is still aiming to achieve all of these effects at once.) If so, enjoy the Wrong Writer's wondrous horror, sarcastic mystery, and fantastical sci-fi.

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Humanity has lost its alpha-predator status to the Stymphalians...monstrous creatures that enjoy feeding on humans. How long would YOU survive when monsters hunt you?

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