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College student in history and economics. Huge fan of literature, critical theory, and philosophy, and an avid reader and occasional writer.


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An excellent introductory text to Judaism. Recommended for Jews interested in learning more, non-Jews who want to understand the religion, and, like me, converts who want a good place to begin.

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An excellent translation of what I would recommend to a first time Nietzsche reader. The book is organized into aphorisms by Nietzsche, in sections that cover his main ideas and develop them.

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somaginer1996 I read this a while ago on my Kindle, got through half of it and thought it was amazing before realizing it was by Nietzsche. Definitely recommend to anyone who's a philosophy novice (like me)!
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donaemeka I recall that I had struggled with Thus Spoke Zarathustra, but this here, Beyond Good and Evil is something different, something beyond. I always wanted to read from the Author to not be misguided...
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