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I am the author of the novel "The Afrikaner" (Guernica Editions, Toronto, 2019). Inspired by the five years I spent in the southern African region as an international reporter, the story is an on-the-road adventure that covers the terrain of love, race and science under the African sky. In everyday life I am an academic lecturer, independent writer and literary translator. I change hats frequently and this suits me best: I never get bored. In the last twenty-five years I have built a diversified cultural and professional experience across many borders and five continents (I still have to do my stint in Antarctica, though). I was born and grew up in Liguria, Italy by the sea; later on, I lived in London (1983), Moscow (1984-1985), Boston (1986-1987), Johannesburg (1997-2000), Melbourne (2009) and Adelaide (2010-2013). I travelled across China, along the Silk Route, and the Middle East: see my travel website here. In 2013 I moved to Vancouver and became a proud citizen of Canada. World literature, transcultural practices (in particular, translation), and global mobility are my main areas of interest and research, but I have always kept alive my true passions: creative writing and creative reading. I have published several books on the socio-cultural impact of globalization and digital technologies. Among them: "I nuovi nomadi" (New Nomads, 1996): a contribution to the definition of the concept of neonomadism in existential and socio-cultural terms; "Uoma. La fine dei sessi" (Wo/Man Machine. The End of Genders, 2000): an exploration of the social and ethical implications of the hybridization of gender roles and of the growing interdependence between humans and machines; and "Jesus Christ Cyberstar. Paradise Can Wait No Longer" (2009): a pamphlet on the birth of the Internet and its emerging (but, eventually, disavowed) values of equality, transparency and fairness. After having obtained a PhD in Comparative Literature (with a focus on Creative Writing and World Literature) at the University of South Australia, in 2013 I relocated with my husband and children to Vancouver. I am currently a lecturer in Italian Studies at the University of British Columbia (Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies) and a SSHCR postdoctoral recipient at the University of Ottawa (School of Translation and Interpretation), where I’m conducting research on writers who self-translate from romance languages (I'm fluent in French and can speak and read Spanish) into English and vice versa.

The Afrikaner. A Novel (Guernica Editions, Toronto, 2019)

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Zoe du Plessis (33), a paleontologist of Afrikaner descent in newly post-apartheid South Africa (1996), is a conflicted woman struggling with white group guilt and a dark family secret. After losing her lover and colleague to a foretold accident, Zoe embarks on a field expedition into the hot plains of the Kalahari Desert, Namibia in search of early human fossils. Her journey of atonement and self-discovery will lead her to memorable encounters with a troubled writer (freely inspired by the life of South African writers Breyten Breytenbach and JM Coetzee), a Bushman shaman, and a Zulu Border War veteran. Set in South Africa and Namibia in the year 1996 at the end of apartheid, The Afrikaner confronts issues related to communal white guilt and personal responsibility in the context of complex race relations. It also explores the challenges of individual and collective identity in a multicultural society, as well as those of a female scientist in a still male-dominated professional world. The book is inspired by the five years spent by the author in South Africa as an international reporter for the Italian press and is currently being adapted to film.

Hate, Love, Guilt and Redemption under African Skies

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