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I am a passionate reader that finds all time to read new books to broaden my hoirizon

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books i love to read and can recommend for people

The mind is the power house that drives all other life activities. The author as a philosopher dwells into the philosophy to explain so hidden facts about the mind

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somaginer1996 I've heard a lot of good things about Hannah Arendt (thanks brainpickings). I should hunker down and actually read something by her for once.

irrespective of your background or your society, you can become what you wish to become. thinking big is the point that you have the potential to be great

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some thoughts are what makes a person rich, it is in your thinking that your ability to see opportunity lies. the author explains some steps to refine ones thinking and grow rich

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As a man thinketh so he liveth, so far man is the author of his life whatever he thinks reflect in his life

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The book opens the mind and create a mindset of having a positive attitude to all incidents that happen in life.

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