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reach new readers with a link exchange

After several requests I am open to the idea of promoting review requests to Book Luver's subscribers in the format of a NL swap.

In other words, I share your review copy link to my readers (currently at 75K with different genre lists) in exchange you share my link to your readers.

In the past my readers have been responsive and love getting review copies and leaving their reviews plus they are always keen to know about book offers.

Please note that this is not a paid-for service. Instead, it is a free exchange between authors. No money involved.

If you'd like to participate, please complete your details below. We are now scheduling bookings for summer and autumn 2019.

Exchange Type

You can select:

  • Review copies
  • Free book
  • Book sales
  • Exclusive Giveaway

What to provide:

  • Review copies: give a review copy download link
  • Free book: give a free book download link
  • Book sales: give a download link either on Amazon or your website
  • Exclusive Giveaway: give all details about your giveaway in the comments box plus all the other book details

Optional: Exclusive Giveaway

You can select to offer our readers an exclusive giveaway. By this we mean you can run a competition, give boxsets or series or any other incentive to get our readers to sign up to your giveaway. Add the details of this in the comments box. The more info we have the more intrique we can show our readers.

We can run the giveaway for you on a viral sharing platform for a small shared cost.

In the past I have worked with authors who have received up to 600 new subscribers with an exclusive giveaway. This is how the most successful campaigns ran:

  1. The authors gave away their own book plus a small selection of other paperbacks in the same genre. This was the most successful in getting new subscribers.
  2. Some chose to give another gift of books such as their own full series.
  3. I promoted to my readers and they did the same.
  4. Some opted to go for a viral share to get more entries.
  5. The giveaway was exclusive to their readers and mine plus their viral sharing and mine.

Your Link Exchange Details

  • Complete the details below and we will add your book to our newsletter in your chosen month.
  • You are welcome to add your book to Book Luver. Find HELP here.

Our Link Exchange Details

Every month we will change this so if you book in advance, please make sure you come back to this page to find the current link exchange and text.

January 2019:
We will drop you a line when we get your booking to confirm the message and link we would like to exchange.

Entry Form Details

How to complete the form below:

  • The number of subscribers is how many readers you have on your mailing list.
  • Select what exchange you would like: a review request, a free book or book sales.
  • Book image link: this is so we can get a cover image and a description of the book - ideally from Amazon so we don't have to resize the image, the image link
  • Provide a download link for your book: this is where the reader must go to download your book, this can be an Amazon link, universal link, or review copy link. It can be a Book Funnel link. It cannot be a Instafreebie link.
  • Dates: provide a date where you will send our link to your mailing list. With our exchange date, please choose a month that you would like us to send your link. We normally send in the latter half of the month, but sometimes that can change. We will inform you of the date when we get your booking.
  • By entering you will be have to agree to this: By checking this box I agree to share the promotion link with my newsletter subscribers

OPTIONAL: Add your FREE book to Book Luver:


You can select from 2 options:

  1. Genre list only - this is sent to the genre list you select below.
    * Some lists are very small such as poetry and humour. Other popular genres such as thrillers, HF and Romance have more than 10K readers in each.
  2. Full list - this is sent to the full list including all readers and all genres.
    * For this option, we ask that you send us a mailing stats report showing you have done your sharing of our link. Why? We do not charge for advertising, but as you are selecting to send to our full list, which is almost as big as other companies readers lists who do charge for this service, we would like to see that you have done a 'fair exchange' and sent to your full list.

Contacting You

Please add our email address to your email supplier to be sure you get our proof with your book's details.




Any other information.
This is the amount of subscribers you have on your mailing list.
What month would you like to be in BL's newsletter? 2018 is fully booked.
By checking this box, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Data Use Policy, including our Cookie Use, and that you will share the promotional link with your newsletter subscribers as described in the Terms of the promotion.
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