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Beta Readers Booking

Book Luver offers you the chance to connect with Beta Readers. We will promote your work to our huge list of avid readers who will give you the kind of feedback you need to help you fix mistakes and enhance your writing before it goes any further.


You agree:

  • For Book Luver to promote your work to readers who request a copy of your work.
  • You are not paying for Beta Readers to read your novel.
  • You are paying for us to promote your work to our list of avid readers who may request to read your work and give you their comments.


You can choose how many requests you would like:

  • 1-10 Beta Readers = £35
  • 11-25 Beta Readers = £40
  • Unlimited Beta Readers = £65

Please pay by clicking this link and then come back to complete the form below!

This link will open in a new window so you can come back to complete  your booking. It is IMPORTANT that you finish this booking form below when you have made your payment. You will be required to add your PayPal Transaction ID to the booking below.

You agree to use the data wisely and not share it with anyone else. You will email everyone on the list offering them a free book or free chapters to encourage them to stay on your list. This is important to prevent spam issues.

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