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Book Luver is for readers to share their favourite books. Find out various ways that you can promote your book on Book Luver.

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Christmas Reading Hamper


Free for authors to enter their book or reader magnet. This FREE cross promotion has been designed to give you entrants who genuinely want to read your books. You can decide how many winners names you want to receive, ie the more you giveaway, the more names you get. The entrants are also given the option of 'hearing more from you' so if you only give say 25 eBooks, you will still get the entrants who want to hear from you.

Find out all the details in our Christmas Reading Hamper - Free for authors

More Books For Fans Of ...

Book Luver is looking for articles along the lines of 'More Books For Fans of ...' - see examples on More Books For Book Fans.

This is for book luvers to find books in their favourite genre, or books similar to their favourite author, or books similar to a particular book title they have luved.

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Similar Book Articles

Author Giveaways

Every month Book Luver features book giveaways in our newsletter to subscribed readers.

Find out how to get your book featured:
Author Giveaways

Add Your Books

Authors, you are welcome to add your books by signing up via the big blue sign up button on the home page.

  1. Like Pinterest you can add your book's image
  2. Give a good book description
  3. Ask your readers to come along and comment on the book.
  4. Books with more than five constructive and creative comments will be featured on our popular page.
  5. Books receiving the most views and constructive comments will be featured on our home pag

Writers Resource Series


writers resources for creating settings and fictional characters


The Writers Resource Series Includes:

  • Pimp My Fiction: How to Write a Novel with The Ultimate List of Creative Writing Books to Create A Plot & Build Characters
  • A~Z Writers’ Character Quirks: A~ Z of Behaviours, Foibles, Habits, Mannerisms & Quirks for Writers’ to Create Fictional Characters
  • 101 Writers’ Scene Settings: Unique Location Ideas & Sensory Details for Writers’ to Create Vivid Scene Settings

If you're looking for writing resources for writing a novel, creating settings and fictional characters, try Paula Wynne's
Writers Resource Series

Book Marketing For Authors


book marketing for authors


The Authors Book Marketing Series Includes:   

  • Book Promotion for Authors: Essential Steps for Before, During and After Your Book Launch
  • Email Marketing For Authors: How To Use Email Marketing To Find New Readers
  • Book Promotion for Authors: How To Grow Your Readers Fan Base With Cross Promotions
  • Book Selling for Authors: 7 Steps to a Bestselling Novel

 Find out more information on Authors Book Marketing Series.

Pimp My Fiction

The craft of writing an exciting novel that fascinates our readers is knowing how to make things happen on the page. Find out How to Write a Novel with The Ultimate List of Creative Writing Books to Create A Plot & Build Characters.

Pimp My Fiction lists books for you to learn:

• The Craft of Writing: Find out what a bestselling, page-turning novel requires

• Structure Your Novel: Learn the different story structures and which one may suit your novel

• Your First Few Pages: Why it is important to hook your reader from the first sentence

• Creating Characters: How to create believable characters that readers will love

• Character Viewpoint: Which character viewpoint should you use and why

• Character Templates: Various resources for creating compelling fictional people

• Creating Villains: Like heroes, your villains must jump off the page and grab your readers

• Character Emotions: Why your characters must have an emotional journey along with your readers

• Writing Dialogue: Why each character should have their own voice and how dialogue reveals their personality

• Cinematic Settings: Make your settings and scene locations come alive with vivid, sensory details

• Blueprints: Find writing templates and blueprints to get your novel started immediately

• Self-Editing: How to use self-editing tips and tricks to hone and tone your novel

• Dictionaries and Thesauruses: A long list of every kind of Dictionary and Thesaurus a writer requires

Save yourself eons of time trying to find the right books to improve your writing. This one book will give you all the answers!

Grab your free copy of Pimp My Fiction

Book Selling For Authors

Book Selling for Authors will explain:

• Paid advertising and why you don't have to go down that route

• How to build a list of reader subscribers who will buy your book

• How to find readers with competitions and cross promotions

• How to tap into Amazon with lots of reviews so they help you market your book

• How to work with other authors to find new readers

• How to engage with these new readers so they tell others about your book

• How to set a pricing strategy to get into the paid bestseller charts

As part of the Authors’ Book Marketing Series, Book Selling for Authors will give you the vital steps needed to get your book into the PAID bestseller charts!.

Grab your free copy of Book Selling For Authors



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