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Would you like to be one of the first readers to receive a book review giveaway? You can read the top bestsellers and new books publishers and authors publish and always have a constant stream of new books to read.


Become A Book Luver Reviewer

In the past we have given away thousands of books as they hit the reading market, or even advanced reader copies long before they are published.

Our readers are highly responsive in posting reviews about books they luv.

Anyone who reads and recommends books can become a Book Luver reviewer. It's easy. Just join the site and follow our guidelines below.

How It Works

We have changed the way we are asking our readers to review books. This is to make our readers and their reviews more visible to our publishers and authors. And to let authors and publishers decide who they want to choose to review their books.

  • You can use 'boards' to showcase books you've read and luv, add a wish list of books you want to read and follow authors who have posted their books on Book Luver. If you have used Pinterest before, you will see that is is similar to that.
  • You can repin any book, onto your own boards - this works well if you are creating a wish list of books you want to read and you can follow the comments of other readers who have read the book.

Review Giveaways Profile

Before you apply for reviews, please follow these steps:

  • Click the 'register' link on the menu bar.Or the big blue button on our home page which says Today is a good day to Sign Up.
  • Watch out for an email to verify that your email is correct.
  • Complete your review profile.
  • Make your profile appealing to authors and publishers by showing them other books you have reviewed.
  • Add a selection of books you have reviewed on Amazon or other online bookstores with at least one sentence.
  • You may want to rename your default boards with something like: Books I Luv. Or: My Book Reviews.
  • There is no rule on this, just be creative to ensure you get chosen to review books.
  • How to add a book pin
  • How to create a book board
  • See Paula Wynne's example
  • See Suzy Bee's example
  • If you haven’t reviewed with Book Luver before you can add any books that you have reviewed – this is just to show the publishers and authors that you are a genuine reviewer and will review their book with a post on Amazon and a comment on Book Luver.
  • You only need to do this ONCE. When you have a complete profile, it will be easy to keep updating your review board with all the new books you are given as a Book Luver Reviewer.
  • Once you have completed these simple steps, you can apply to get review giveaways and start reading as soon as you are approved.

If you would like us to showcase your example, send us an email with your profile link.

How To Get Review Giveaways

Apply for the books on review via the link we send out in our newsletters. If you want to get notified of new review giveaways, subscriber to our newsletter here.

Improve Your Chances

Improve Your Chances to be chosen to receive review giveaways by showing the publishers and authors a fantastic book-luving profile.

Submit Your Review

  1. Once you have been chosen for a review giveaway, sit back and enjoy the book you are given in exchange for a review.
  2. When you have finished the book, post a short review on Amazon or any other online bookstore.
  3. Pop back over to your Book Luver profile.
  4. Add the review giveaway book to your review board with a comment on the book plus add the link where you reviewed the book.
  5. Please share the review on your Facebook page and in your Twitter or Instagram networks.

What To Write On Your Review

Your review must be honest. Whether you like the book or not, it's important to give your honest opinion. Everyone will feel differently about the book, but it is your opinion that counts on that particular review.

Authors and publishers want to hear what you think, whether you luv, like or dislike a book.

Of course, if you add the review to other book sites such as Amazon, Goodreads, B&, Kobo or any others, please add that to your comments on the review giveaway book on Book Luver.

We’re focused on bringing our readers a constant supply of good books to read in all the genres they love, so when you take the time to complete your profile and comment on the books you have read and review, we LUV hearing about it!

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