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About Us

Book Luver is a social sharing platform for readers to share books you luv.

Like Pinterest, you can use 'boards' to showcase books you've read and luv, add a wish list of books you want to read and follow authors who have posted their books on Book Luver.

Also, like Pinterest, you can repin any book you see on the site, onto your own boards - this works well if you are creating a wish list of books you want to read and you can follow the comments of other readers who have read the book.

BookLuver.com was created more than a year ago and we have been building our mailing list with advertising promotions. The site now has 72.5K readers on the mailing list and growing all the time.

Having ONE place for publishers and authors to showcase their books in the same place where readers are talking about books is an incredible source for creative authors and publishers. You can get inspiration for almost any way of getting your book in front of new readers.

We have BIG plans and aim to create a social sharing site for book luvers where readers and authors unite. Why not join us while we are young and growing. One day we will be a BIG player too!


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