Imagine these gruesome treatment of civilians who were imprisoned by Military dictators whom they perceived as threats to their oppressive government, like mixing cements with food and forcing the

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Detailed around the 1967-1970 civil war that threatened Nigeria's unity, this book is a must read for everyone in Africa and around the world.

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soughtout The title "Half of A Yellow Sun" was derived from the symbol of the flag of the agitating Biafran Republic fighting to secede from Nigeria. Sadly enough, the secession cries from Biafra are...

A serial killer is lurking in the dark. Who will bell this cat and save the neighbourhood?

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I read this one when I was 15. My Best Thriller ever. It was so good I read it 4 times. Someone borrowed it and I lost it. I need to get it back to my library.

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As you take a stroll down the road, there is a fight between Angels and satanic agents over you. The Angels are watching over you, and preventing the next unforeseen from happening to you.

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soughtout's picture
soughtout This book has had a serious effect on my personal life. It gets me very conscious and I feel so safe with the knowing that someone is keeping watch over me. Who else shares my experience?
Pina Colada's picture
Pina Colada Is this fantasy?

I read this one when I was 15. My Best Thriller ever. It was so good I read it 4 times. Someone borrowed it and I lost it. I need to get it back to my library.

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soughtout's picture
soughtout 6 days of great thrilling suspense. I saw myself in the story.
Paula Wynne's picture
Paula Wynne I've read lots of Jeffrey Archer but not this one. Will add it to my wish list :)

Things fall apart, and the center cannot hold. The Falcon cannot hear the falconer. Chinua Achebe's Okonkwo is a hero in this African best literary work of art

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soughtout If you've read this one, raise your hand up
somaginer1996's picture
somaginer1996 Half our class read this for English class in high school, and they said it was amazing. I really need to get around to reading all these novels :(

Americanah is a 2013 novel by the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, for which Adichie won the 2013 National Book Critics Circle Fiction Award.

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soughtout's picture
soughtout I dont know why I have not read this book yet. I keep planning to and fail. It's time I got proactive.
somaginer1996's picture
somaginer1996 I haven't been lucky enough to read anything by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie yet, even after watching her provocative TED talks. Setting up a reminder for myself to go pick up some books by her next...

I was once at the school library 2 years ago to get a map for a professor in my department when I saw this guy ( can't recall his name again) with this novel.

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If you're really a lover of African literature, then I suggest you read this book. I totally enjoy the way the writer uses deep proverbs in his books.

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donaemeka I enjoyed this book more than 'things fall apart'. i'm not that familiar with Achebe's writing but it had a magical realism to it that i really enjoyed.

Purple Hibiscus is a novel written by Ngozi Adichie. The novel was centred around the postcolonial era Nigeria, a country beset by political instability and economic difficulties.

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A darkly humorous, moving, and existential novel about three brothers in 19th century Russia, and the different paths their lives take - Dmitri's into debt and crime, Vanya's into skepticism and co

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somaginer1996 I've read Notes from Underground by Dostoyevsky and enjoyed it (what is wrong with me). Putting this on my to-read list!

An excellent introductory text to Judaism. Recommended for Jews interested in learning more, non-Jews who want to understand the religion, and, like me, converts who want a good place to begin.

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One of the most important LGBT/lesbian books of all time.

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LilianDebrah's picture
LilianDebrah I'd love to check out this one
somaginer1996's picture
somaginer1996 Yeah, I need to read more LGBT books. Added to my reading list, thanks for the recommendation!

One of the fundamental cyberpunk novels of the 1980s, envisioning the ties between corporations and black market criminals in a late capitalist, computerized, future.

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An excellent translation of what I would recommend to a first time Nietzsche reader. The book is organized into aphorisms by Nietzsche, in sections that cover his main ideas and develop them.

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somaginer1996's picture
somaginer1996 I read this a while ago on my Kindle, got through half of it and thought it was amazing before realizing it was by Nietzsche. Definitely recommend to anyone who's a philosophy novice (like me)!
donaemeka's picture
donaemeka I recall that I had struggled with Thus Spoke Zarathustra, but this here, Beyond Good and Evil is something different, something beyond. I always wanted to read from the Author to not be misguided...

Things Fall Apart was one of the famous literary works of a Nigerian renowned writer Chinua Achebe.

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chale1919's picture
chale1919 I'm interested in reading this one - I'd like to read more African literature. Do you have any other recommendations?
LilianDebrah's picture
LilianDebrah yes I think you should check "Arrow of God" by Chinua Achebe
chale1919's picture
chale1919 Will do - thanks for the recommendation!
LilianDebrah's picture
LilianDebrah I have also read: Half of a yellow sun, Purple Hibiscus, and Americanah. It's a book written by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie. I love that Lady. I can't wait for her new book. In fact, I think I...

Has anyone read this book? It looks good but would be great to find out if anyone liked it.

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donaemeka This trilogy was enjoyable in the way most action packed summer blockbusters are. Written in Fire didn't disappoint

The Grotto's Secret Won The Peoples Book Prize For Best Fiction

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The Grotto's Secret is a historically rich conspiracy thriller set in modern day London with a medieval time lapse twist in Spain.

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donaemeka's picture
donaemeka This book has it all; mystery, heart-throbbing suspense, action, historical suspense! I did not want to put this down until I found out what would happened next.

I love this book! If you haven't read any Scott Mariani yet, start with this one, it's a great book!

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Ken Sheridan's picture
Ken Sheridan Agree!
LilianDebrah's picture
LilianDebrah Damn, I love this book. I've read it and it was really fascinating. I wish they'd do a movie on the book
soughtout's picture
soughtout Havent read this one yet. I want to. Is it on Amazon?

Subscribe to get a list of conspiracy thriller authors to follow. Enter your details to receive news of thriller novels.

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Another great cover for a fast paced thriller.

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I love Scott Mariani's books and this cover is one of my best, along with his first book, The Alchemist's Secret.

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Grace Hawk's picture
Grace Hawk Going to add this one to my reading list ...
Ken Sheridan's picture
Ken Sheridan I am looking forward to reading more of Ben Hope. Haven't read him in a while. Been stuck into Lee Child and David Baldacci.
chale1919's picture
chale1919 I have to say the title is a bit off-putting - but if the reviews are good, I might check this one out.
LilianDebrah's picture
LilianDebrah I've read the Alchemist's Secret but I haven't read this one though

I haven't read this book but saw the movie and loved it so it's on my wish list to read soon.

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chale1919's picture
chale1919 I've read this book - it's excellent, and would absolutely recommend it. I haven't seen the movie though, so I couldn't say how it compares.
LilianDebrah's picture
LilianDebrah Please, would you mind sharing the name of this movie with me? I found the book title intresting and I will check it out
Paula Wynne's picture
Paula Wynne The movie is also called Gone Girl. It has Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. I must get the book to see how it differs from the movie. That can be maddening to a reader though ...
soughtout's picture
soughtout I have read this one. Kept me on the edge of my seat till the last page. I didnt know there was a movie on it though. Will look out for it.

One of my favourite authors! I have this book in my reading pile along with 100s of others.

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soughtout's picture
soughtout The title is interesting enough. I am interested in this one.

Another TS Learner book, this is the first one I read and then moved onto other books by her.

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chale1919's picture
chale1919 It looks like a conspiracy type novel - am I correct in assuming this? I might give this a try, I'd like to read more books by women authors.
soughtout's picture
soughtout Her book Sphinx was very entertaining, and the first and only book I have read by T.S. Learner. I dont expect nothing less from her on this one. Will keep my eyes out for The Map

Scott Mariani's character Ben Hope will make you want to read all Scott's books!

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Haven't read this one yet but it looks so scary, I have to read it and frighten myself!

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This is the first Will Adams book I read and have now read a few with a couple on my reading pile beside my bed.

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Grace Hawk's picture
Grace Hawk Is this the one about a girl whose father and sister gets lost or dies in Mozambique or somewhere around there?
Paula Wynne's picture
Paula Wynne Yes, she goes back to her home town island to find her father and sister and ... I won't give away the story. Enjoyable.


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