More Books For Fans Of ...

Although Book Luver is for readers to share their favourite books, authors and publishes are NOT permitted to blantantly advertise their books. We will gladly advertise them for you, but any author or publisher found blantantly advertising their books will be removed from the site.

You are welcome to add your book with a proper book description and ask your readers to come along and comment on the book. Books with more than five constructive and creative comments will be featured on our home page.

More Books For Fans Of ...

Book Luver is looking for articles along the lines of 'More Books For Fans of ...'

This can be one of the following options:
A) Author name
B) Book title
C) Specific sub genre

Article Format

Please send the article in this format:

Article By Title
Author name = For Fans of Paula Hawkins
Book title =
For Fans of Gone Girl
Specific sub genre =
For Fans of Historical Conspiracy Thrillers

A one paragraph intro about the author including what genre they write / or about the popular book title / or about the specific sub genre.

Book Lists
List 5 to 10 books that readers of your title will enjoy.
1. Book Title by Author Name: One or two liners about this book and why you'd like it as a fan of this author
2. etc

Ending paragraph of a one liner to round off the theme.

* Please view the examples above to get an idea of how the format looks.


If you would like to give away a book or any of the books in the article, please include the details for this in the giveaway link below and we will promote that to our genre readers of your chosen article genre. Please include details of how many giveaways you can give. Giveaways of 5 books will be advertised with the article in our newsletters to our 90k readers list.

Bio Credit

You can choose to have a bio with a link and guest post image. Or you can choose to write the article in 3rd person so it is Book Luver telling their readers about these books and one of the books in the list is your author/you as an author. Thus we are telling our readers about your book as one of the list.

All accepted articles will be published on and remain on the site permanently.  In return, we ask that you share the article link and title in your newsletter at least twice in the year the article is published, the first time should be around the time that the article is published and we give you the link.

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