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Nigerian sweetheart who started reading books at age 3 and grew with an unquenchable thirst for thriller novels. A good way to relax on weekends is a cold glass of juice, snack and a John Grisham.

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Imagine these gruesome treatment of civilians who were imprisoned by Military dictators whom they perceived as threats to their oppressive government, like mixing cements with food and forcing the

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Detailed around the 1967-1970 civil war that threatened Nigeria's unity, this book is a must read for everyone in Africa and around the world.

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soughtout The title "Half of A Yellow Sun" was derived from the symbol of the flag of the agitating Biafran Republic fighting to secede from Nigeria. Sadly enough, the secession cries from Biafra are...

A serial killer is lurking in the dark. Who will bell this cat and save the neighbourhood?

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