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College student in history and economics. Huge fan of literature, critical theory, and philosophy, and an avid reader and occasional writer.


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A darkly humorous, moving, and existential novel about three brothers in 19th century Russia, and the different paths their lives take - Dmitri's into debt and crime, Vanya's into skepticism and co

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somaginer1996 I've read Notes from Underground by Dostoyevsky and enjoyed it (what is wrong with me). Putting this on my to-read list!

One of the most important LGBT/lesbian books of all time.

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LilianDebrah I'd love to check out this one
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somaginer1996 Yeah, I need to read more LGBT books. Added to my reading list, thanks for the recommendation!

One of the fundamental cyberpunk novels of the 1980s, envisioning the ties between corporations and black market criminals in a late capitalist, computerized, future.

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