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When award winning online entrepreneur and bestselling author, Paula Wynne, published her first novel, The Grotto's Secret which won The People's Book Prize in 2017. The sequel, The Sacred Symbol has recently been published and Paula is writing the third in the Torcal Trilogy.

With a growing need for readers to discover new authors, Paula set up Book Luver for readers to share the books they love.

As an award-winning entrepreneur Paula Wynne has appeared on TV several times, including breakfast shows and has been featured in various magazines and national newspapers. Paula and her husband Ken starred in the BBC Show, Escape to the Continent, which showed their quest to live in Spain so Paula could become a full time writer.

For many years Paula has been obsessed with learning everything to improve her writing. She has acquired a bookshelf of excellent reference books by highly acclaimed authors, so she wrote Pimp My Fiction: Secrets of How to Write a Novel.

This inspired a Writers’ Resource Series with 101 Writers’ Scene Settings and A~Z Writers’ Character Quirks. Paula received an ‘Honourable Mention’ in the 75th Annual Writers Digest Writing Competition for two unpublished novels, which inspired her to continue writing.

Although Book Luver is for readers to share their favourite books, authors and publishes are NOT permitted to blantantly advertise their books. We will gladly advertise them for you, but any author or publisher found blantantly advertising their books will be removed from the site.

You are welcome to add your book and ask your readers to come along and comment on the book. Books with more than five constructive and creative comments will be featured on our home page.

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